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We provide an entrepreneurial environment. Here people thrive on challenges. They develop their own ideas in picturising and bringing into reality meaningful products for the company. The whole organization calls for this. This is a work hard-play hard culture. What we mean is that when we are at work, we stretch ourselves when we are off work, we enjoy ourselves.

When it comes to managers, there are a few more areas we focus on:
Valuing human capital
Attracting people, because that is the role of every line manager in the organization
Ensuring that they have challenges
Ensuring that they are able to leverage the talent of their people, in terms of human capital
Leadership will give direction and present the goal for this.

We have regular get togethers and the rewards common with the amount of work that you put in and the results that you deliver.

Performance Management:
we have a two-count system of Performance Management. We focus on the work and we focus on competencies. We have to take leverage with both these put together.Then we would reward people depending on these.

The Performance Appraisal System that we follow has the following aspects.
First we have Organizational goals and then we have departmental goals and finally the individual goals. These form one part of the system.

These in turn mean that we would like people to: work in a team, nurture talent, and set for themselves stretch goals. Network with each other not only externally but also internally.

Under training and development we have two broad areas:
The functional training which is to ensure that a person leverages on the job related knowledge
The behavioral training, which would be in terms of leadership, customer focus, team building etc.


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